Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems - Houston When large currents are needed or when high electrolyte resistivity prevents the efficient use of galvanic anodes, the protective current needed to make the structure cathodic may be obtained by applying low voltage dc current derived from normal AC mains supply. This is achieved by transformers/rectifiers which supply direct current to specially designed anodes which dissipate large currents without significant wastage. This approach is used in impressed current systems. The major components of an impressed cathodic protection systems are the rectifier, positive and negative cables, and anodes. If the system is in soil, carbon "coke" backfill is an essential part that must be added.

Transformer Rectifiers

BK Corrosion supplies JA ELectronic's, Universal's, and IRT's cathodic protection rectifiers. They are recognized as the leaders in quality and workmanship. Compact and versatile the Type ES and ES-II rectifiers provide reliable service in your cathodic protection system. Larger Custom built rectifiers are available to meet your desired output needs as well. Rectifier designs have been improved by many years of field proven service. Tightly controlled manufacturing, conservative ratings and many extra features insure long and trouble free operation.
  • Air Cooled Units
  • Service Station Rectifiers
  • Oil Cooled Units
  • Well Casing Rectifiers
  • Weatherproof
  • Bridge Deck & Rebar
  • Explosion Proof
  • Manual Adjustment
  • Automatic Potential
  • Constant Current