Field-Proven Reliability

BK Corrosion has provided quality materials for cathodic protection applications for:

Oilfield: Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Offshore

BK Corrosion supplies cathodic protection products for all subsurface oil and gas field applications. Whether it's Major Pipelines, Sales Pipelines, ASTs, USTs, SWD tanks or Casings, we have all the cathodic protection materials you need to prolong the life of your assets.

Water & Waste Water Pipelines and Systems

BK Corrosion's cathodic protection equipment keeps the tanks and piping of your water treatment system from corrosion. We have all the corrosion protection instruments you need.


BK Corrosion supplies cathodic protection equipment to the petrochemical and rubber industries. Our clients include major producers of petrochemicals, including base chemicals, styrene, polystyrene, and polypropylene, in the USA and worldwide. We can help protect your facility pipelines, chillers, and other plant components from corrosion, as well as maximize uptime and efficiency in bringing your petroleum-based products to market.


BK Corrosion provides a comprehensive range of corrosion protection supplies, all within the stringent durability requirements of marine applications. The Omega II rectifiers -- in low-voltage, low-current service -- protect the copper components of reverse osmosis water reclamation pumps on ships or rigs. We also provide all corrosion prevention components, including custom rectifiers, impressed anodes, and galvanic anodes for offshore rigs.


BK Corrosion provides a comprehensive range of cathodic protection and corrosion prevention equipment for companies in the utilities industry. Our cathodic protection instruments, including underground locators, reference electrodes, holiday detectors, and other test equipment, let you verify performance and troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently. We also offer a complete line of exothermic welding supplies and equipment.


BK Corrosion is the industry leader in providing the aggregate and mining industries with cathodic protection for your facility piping and other underground metallic structures.

Service Stations

As a gas station owner, it’s essential that you take the necessary precautions to prevent underground tank leaks caused by corrosion. We offer all the necessary materials for cathodic protection of your assets.

Cell Towers

When you need cathodic protection systems for your anchors and below grade metallic structures, we have you covered. Galvanic anodes are utilized for the majority of systems installed. These systems are fairly inexpensive to extend the life of your towers and the safety of the surrounding area. Please contact us for any CP needs for your towers.