ANOTEC High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes


ANOTEC High Silicon Chill Cast Iron Anodes - Houston

For over thirty years, High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes have been used for impressed cathodic protection systems. The original grade (ASTM A518 Grade 1) worked well in fresh water applications but was consumed in saline waters. In the late 1950’s the addition of a small amount of chromium reduced consumption in all electrolytes. The chromium alloy was patented and marketed under the name of Durichlor 51. When the patent expired, several manufacturers produced this alloy to ASTM A518 Grade 3. The High Silicon Chrome Iron Anode has been used extensively in many areas of North America. For the past ten years, many "Stick Bar" and "Tubular" anodes have been cast in England, and shipped to the North American market. In 1987, Anotec Industries started making chill cast stick anodes in North America. Chill cast technology provides a denser, more uniform structure than is evident in sand cast Stick Anodes. The chill cast metal is similar to the structure in spin cast tubular anodes, which have a successful and proven track record in cathodic protection. Chill cast stick anodes are physically stronger than sand cast anodes. This added strength results in less field breakage during transportation and installation. Accelerated corrosion tests have shown that Anotec stick anodes perform better than sand cast anodes in chloride and sulfate environments. Anotec has also developed a complete line of Centertec tubular anodes, manufactured to the same rigid standards. These anodes feature an extra wall thickness at the center-connect area and a one piece low resistance cable connector. Centertec Anodes are available in a wide range of industry standard sizes. Specialty and small FeSiCr anodes from Anotec are also available; contact BK Corrosion with your specifications.