About Us

BK Corrosion is an independent distributor and manufacturer of cathodic protection materials including but not limited to: graphite, cast iron, MMO, magnesium anodes, test stations, custom rectifiers, and junction boxes. Additionally, we distribute pipeline supplies, cable, shunts, test instruments, exothermic welding supplies, pin brazing equipment, coatings, and isolation materials.


Brance-Krachy Company Inc. was established in 1932 as a distributor of Power Transmission equipment.

The company entered the Cathodic Protection (CP) market in 1935 broadening its line of products over the years. In 2014 after a change in ownership, the company was rebranded as Integrated Corrosion Company (ICC) and created multiple divisions under the ICC umbrella, one of which became BK Corrosion. In December of 2016, led by Management, BK Corrosion, LLC. was acquired from ICC.

BK Corrosion, LLC is headquartered in Houston, TX with current branches in Midland, TX and Denver, CO. These warehouses provide Cathodic Protection Solutions to meet their region’s needs. BK strives to exceed our customers’ expectations in service, quality, and product selection.